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We drove towards the mountains on our way to Pahalgam.  One mountain even had the remnants of last year’s snow on its peak so it’s very cold in winter!  
It rather surprised me, then, that our next stop was to be at a garden, ‘Poshwan Park’.
And there it was – I’d found it – the sign said so – “Paradise on Earth”.
I knew it had to be here in Kashmir somewhere!  And what could be more of a ‘paradise’ on a day out in the country than to find a place that has ‘Toilet Facilities” .  
And this “Paradise on Earth’ was set in a stunning location. Its main feature was some strange topiary.  

On closer inspection, words, or at least, letters, had been ‘carved into the topiaried trees.  It reminded me of a neighbour of ours who carves “Go the Brumbies” (his football team) into his hedge every winter – or at least in those winters when the Brumbies are winning!.

The problem with this garden / park was that it did not seem to have a very strong design. Unlike the Mughal Gardens of Srinagar, this garden was a bit like ‘Topsy what grew”.


It was very difficult to photograph as there were no real focal points.  But we’ll add a slideshow that will give you a feeling for the place – and it is in a delightful setting.


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